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2000 Olympic Games

The 2000 Olympic Games Came to Bondi

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It's the men's competition, Tuesday 18th September 2000.

The Olympic Torch Relay came to Council Street, Bondi, Thursday 14th September 2000.

Bondi Beach - Private Playground or Public Amenity.
Watch as Bondi Beach was transformed into an Olympic Wasteland. Check out the photos and lengthy information posted below. Local residents needed a parking permit to drive down their own street in daylight hours during the Games.

Work In Progress - Photos Taken on 3rd June and 11th June, 2000.
Substantial progress had been made in erecting a huge stadium made of steel scaffolding. It's a very weird scene to see Australia's most famous beach turned into a construction site. Check out this set of Bondi Stadium Photos.

Work In Progress - Community Inspection 21st May 2000.
Work started at Bondi Beach on Monday 8th May, 2000. Protests on the first day were widely reported around the world, with 40 photographers filming 100 protesters, guarded by 150 police and watched by 400 onlookers.
So far, a section of beach has been fenced off and a large hole has been dug, exposing the concrete footings from a jetty that was demolished in the 1930's. A pool of green-brown water has formed. There will be an inspection this Saturday 27th May, 2000 at 2pm, then every Sunday at 2pm. Please come down and see for yourself what is happening. Check out the Photo Gallery...

The Dawn of the Millennium.
On new years Eve, 31st December 1999, the Pavilion and its surroundings (including a section of the public beach) were closed off for a private function for about 18 hours. The shape of thinks to come???? Check out the Photo gallery...

Opposition to the Bondi Olympic Volleyball Stadium.
From 2000, this is a lengthy press release, with all the good oil on the proposed Olympic Volleyball Stadium.

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