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Picture Galleries

Bondi Beach Pictures On the Beach

A gallery of photos taken at Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach from the Ocean Ocean Pictures

A gallery of photos taken out to sea

Bondi Surf Pictures In the Water.

More photos taken at Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach Panorama  

A Panoramic View of Bondi Beach
This is a large wide-screen view of Bondi.

Christmas at Bondi Christmas at Bondi.
Here are photos taken on New Year's Eve, 31st Dec 2010.
See the pictures taken on Christmas Day 2009.
For previous years, see Christmas at Bondi Beach.

City to Surf The Annual City to Surf Fun Run.
See some pictures from August 2013 taken at Bondi Beach and North Bondi.   See many earlier years on the City to Surf page.

Winter at Bondi Bondi in Winter.

A cold, wet day at Bondi Beach in June.

Sculpture by the Sea Sculpture by the Sea.

Sculpture pictures for 2013.

Bondi Kites Festival Bondi Kites Festival.

Pictures from 2012.

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