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New Years Day, 2000

Just After Dawn Early Morning at Bondi Beach
The new Millennium, or at least Jan 1st, 2000, was an overcast day. Thousands of people had been up all night. Most were tired but happy, and a little hungover.

The promoters of the Dance Party were subject to stringent conditions by Waverley Council and the beach was fully cleaned up by noon the next day. In the case of the Olympic Games, Waverley Council is over a barrel and state leglislation applies. Somebody had the bright idea of closing off one third of Bondi Beach. Now read on...

Food Loaves and Fishes to Feed the Faithful
Feeding the multitude does not mean high class tucker. Just ask yourself - who is the official caterer to the Olympic games?

Just After Dawn Fencing Public Land
Note the double fence just like a prison. Security guards patrolled the perimeter. What's next - landmines in the no man's land and armed warders in guard towers????

Just After Dawn Rubbish
Fancy a picnic in an old style picnic shelter?? Sorry, it's been fenced off.

Enclosed Area of the Beach The Enclosed Section at Bondi Beach
The remainder of the Dance Party crowd relaxes in the enclosed area. An Olympic Stadium to seat 10,000 is proposed for this spot. The general public squeezes past in the background.

"Beach Profile" is a bogus term used by Olympic Authorities to explain away the area between the fenced off area and the water. If we have winter storms, the sand will be washed away. Given the fenced off area, the public may not be able to walk along the beach. This problem can then be blamed on the "beach profile".
If we have really big storms this winter, the Olympic Stadium will be washed away.

fence The Bondi Beach Pavilion
This is your pavilion, our pavilion, the heritage listed Bondi Pavilion fenced off for private use. In this case it was only for 18 hours, but for the Olympics it will be a three kilometre fence for at least five and a half months. Just how much public land could you enclose with 3 km of chain wire fencing???

Toilets A row of Porta-Loos at Bondi Beach
Unlike normal swimmers, visitors to major events are unable to pee in the water. No doubt these dunnies will be disguised under some euphemism such as "Rest Room Facilities".

Just After Dawn Passouts Policy for Bondi Beach

Once you are in, you stay in. You must have ID and papers, just like the Berlin Wall or the border into a military dictatorship.
What is a Venue Precinct - neither word was in common use 20 years ago. Notice the atrocious apostrophe error - your masters are illiterate, just like third world goons.
For the Olympics, you cannot take food in, plus lots of other restrictions that have come as a surprise to normal Australians. Like no thermos flasks for a nice cuppa tea.

Just After Dawn The Pavilion at Bondi Beach
Vast amounts of portable equipment are now needed to stage a one night event.

Just After Dawn The Pavilion at Bondi Beach
Lots of rubbish but it can be cleaned up in a couple of hours. Imagine being a journalist assigned to broadcast and write about beach volleyball. The Royal Easter Show stopped publishing their rubbish statistics (tons and truckloads etc) because the media found it too interesting.

Just After Dawn Police on duty at Bondi Beach
Large numbers of police are on standby at major events, yet Sydney has a history of peaceful celebrations. The Olympics may draw the attention of "International Terrorists"

Just After Dawn Lots of Rules at Bondi Beach
And they have to be obeyed too. Notice how long words are used to hide simple things. What is a Perimeter Fence Line and how would you lock it down? Also spot the apostrophe error.

Temporary Stage Temporary Facilities
Much more than a tent is required to stage the Olympics. Massive facilities for hospitality, warmup courts, dressing rooms, store rooms, media and security are to be provided.

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