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Around Bondi, about Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs
Waverley Council Online - Our local council.

The Waverley Library Homepage - The local library is a great resource for Bondi residents...

Some Other Interesting Links
Quirky Sydney - A few unusual things to see around Sydney.

Casey and Lowe - Archaeological Consultants. - Visit this site to see some great pics of excavations around Sydney, including the graveyard under the Sydney Town Hall.

Sharon Colon's Golden Apostrophe Awards - This site is devoted to the misuse of the apostrophe. See the apostrophe abused In All It's Glory with text's and photo's from Sharon's amazing collection's. Lot's of Bondi's photo's too.

Sharon Colon's Country Music - - Pictures from the Sydney Country Music Scene and the Sydney Rockabilly Scene.

Simplified Integrated Management Policy - - Write your new policy quickly, using a Buzzword Generator without wasting your time on research.

Ruth Bernard's Home Page for the Australian novel HR - The novel "HR" is a family saga about immigrants coming to Australia.

The Non Smokers' Movement of Australia - Lobbying Against the Tobacco Industry.

Apache Server Log File Analysis - Read about the analysis of log files from this server and see the real browser and operating system trends before they are reported by the computer industry (all for computer nerds only).

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