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Bondi Beach FAQ

Ferry to Bondi Beach

Sorry, there is no ferry to Bondi Beach. The ferry goes to Manly, a beach on the northern side of the Harbour.

Railway station at Bondi Beach

There is no railway station right at Bondi Beach. The railway station is at Bondi Junction, which is the regional shopping centre and office block area. Frequent buses make the 10 minute trip down to the beach.

Bondi Beach Heritage Listing

The entire beach, from Campbell Parade to the water is now listed on the State Heritage Register. Prior to 2008, only the pavilion (built in 1933) was listed on the State Heritage Register.

Where to stay

Basically Bondi is a haven for backpackers, with lots of hostels and bed & breakfast accommodation.

There is not a lot of five star accommodation at Bondi Beach, it's not Miami and it's not a place where many conventions are held. If you want top grade accommodation, stay in the city.

Motorists, there are no motels in Bondi or in adjacent suburbs.

Sadly, there is no caravan park or camping area at Bondi, it's a residential area and the land is just too expensive. No staying overnight along the beachfront.

Cost of going on the beach

There is no charge to use the beach. The toilets are free. There is a charge for lockers if you need one. The beach is open all year round but most people don't bother swimming in the winter.

Name of the main street

Campbell Parade. The main streets that lead back from the beach are Hall Street, Roscoe Street, Curlewis Street and Beach Road. For shopping, Hall Street is the busiest. The building that was renovated in the TV Series "The Block" is in Roscoe Street.

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