Alexandra Canal, St Peters

Alexandra Canal Huntley Street

History behind a Fence

Behind this fence in Huntley Street, Alexandria is a huge stormwater drain which empties into the Alexandra Canal.

The Alexandra Canal is a man-made waterway which connects to the Cooks River which in turn flows into Botany Bay.

Alexandra Canal - Sydney Stormwater Drain

The Alexandra Canal

The original proposal was to dig a canal from Botany Bay to Sydney Harbour. This would create a man-made waterway for barges to transport goods to boats waiting at wharves in Sydney Harbour.

This proposal came at a time when aeroplanes had not been invented, and when the roads in the colony were best described as dreadful. It was a good idea since, at the time, most of Sydney's factories were concentrated in the area between Botany Bay and the City.

Stormwater Drain leading to the Alexandra Canal

Factories and Warehouses

There is almost no access on foot to the canal these days. The canal is surrounded by factories and warehouses, mainly trucking companies and companies that specialise in air freight.

Stormwater Drain leading to the Alexandra Canal

Stormwater Drain

Today, the Alexandra Canal plays a vital role as a storm water drain for the suburbs of Newtown, Redfern, Erskinville, Alexandria and Zetland.

References: Search Google for Alexandra Canal - there are several local history articles and also search in Wikipedia. The canal is clearly shown in any Sydney street guide or use Google Maps.

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